Friday, June 26, 2009

Epic Sequence - Building the Chair Mock-up

Done!!  Except for the seat.  Time for the next iteration.

And it was about here when we started questioning the amount of pieces and material required to put this design iteration together - a lot!

It was about here that we realized we can't actually build the chair this way out of MDF.  The 'horizontal' ribs on an angle require angled cuts to receive them in the vertical ribs - impossible with the GSD's shop equipment.
The back of the chair came together perfectly.

Wait...hold on...

The visitor in the background was deeply intrigued

Trevor can alphabetize in Roman, Aramaic, Greek and Sanscrit.

Trevor subs Marrikka out to the relief of the crew

The group discovers Marrikka cannot alphabetize

Marrikka in a characteristic moment

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