Sunday, February 8, 2009

INSERT! Chinatown Library BASIC INFO

February 2009 - Charrette for Design Ideas
March 2009 - Design Development
April 2009 - Construction Documentation
Summer 2009 - Construction
Fall 2009 - INSERT! Chinatown Library opens

The Chinatown Storefront Library program will target elderly residents, teens and pre-K/ K-age children, who are projected to be the heaviest users of a Chinatown Branch Library. The program will offer:
-casual newspaper and periodical reading;
-Internet access on desk-mounted computers and via WiFi throughout space;
-work space for homework or private laptop use;
-laser printer access (with an honor-system collection box, $0.10/page);
-a pre-K/K reading area (reading aloud with adult, storyhour, and picture books);
-a physical and electronic community bulletin board;
-a free book exchange (leave-a-book, take-a-book); and
-space for gatherings, readings, presentations, and film projections.

A multi-lingual website will extend the impact of Storefront Library program and serve as the primary outlet for information dissemination and feedback. The websiteʼs homepage will be a gateway for all online services provided in the Storefront Library, and the default starting point for all computer users, including those accessing library WiFi. The homepage will explain the project mission, library rules, and provide links to:
-local resources, including Boston Public Libraryʼs website, local job listings, college
information, and other non-profit resources and organizations;
-a “Get Involved” area with information about volunteering in the storefront and participating in advocacy for a permanent branch via Friends of The Chinatown Library;
-a project feedback/suggestion area;
-an interactive “community wish-list” for books and periodicals; and
-a “library channel” broadcasting photos, event video, branch project updates, RSS feeds, and connections to social networking sites, as a way to amplify the impact of the program.

Marrikka Trotter*
Quilian Riano*

Stephanie Tam
Julian Bushman-Copp
Mo Lee
Dan Hui
Trevor Patt
Andrew Thomas
Shelby Doyle
Jungmin Nam
Theresa Hwang
Matthew Swaidan


Department of Microurbanism
Boston Street Lab

The Friends of the Chinatown Library
The Chinese Progressive Association
The Asian Community Development Corporation


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